CCTV(Closed Circuit Television) System

We provide CCTV System based on TeleEye Technology. The TeleEye Transmission Unit compresses and transmits video signals through regular phone line, ISDN, ADSL or the Internet. Alarm sensors can be optionally installed and connected to the video transmission unit to further enhance the premises' security. When the TeleEye transmission unit detects an alarm event, it would immediately make connection and transmit videos to the monitoring location.
In the monitoring location, you can use the TeleEye Reception Software installed in a PC to perform system control and monitor incoming videos from the remote site.

Sample Configuration


Probably the most widely known use of CCTV is in security systems and such applications as retail shops, banks, government establishments, etc. The true scope for applications is almost unlimited. Some examples are listed below.

  • Monitoring traffic on a bridge.
  • Recording the inside of a baking oven to find the cause of problems.
  • A temporary system to carry out a traffic survey in a town centre.
  • Time lapse recording for the animation of plasticine puppets.
  • Used by the stage manager of a show to see obscured parts of a set.
  • The well-publicised use at football stadiums.
  • Hidden in buses to control vandalism.
  • Recording the birth of a gorilla at a zoo.
  • Making a wildlife program using a large model helicopter.
  • eproducing the infrared vision of a goldfish!
  • Aerial photography from a hot air balloon.
  • Production control in a factory.

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