Magnetic Card Protection System

Magnetic card authentication system which can protect magnetic card from being duplicate and provide an audit trail to card abuse. It is developed by extracting a unique and non-duplicable feature, Digital Fuzzy Information (DFI), from the magnetic medium. This protection technology can provide secure, versatile and cost-effective solutions in many areas of magnetic card usage.


  • Uneven distribution of magnetic particles on the magnetic stripe
  • Particles are scattered randomly which can form a unique signature
  • The signature formed Fuzzy Digital Information (FDI)


  • ATM Cards, Credit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Access Control Cards, Hotel Lock Cards
  • Membership Cards, Discount Cards
  • ID Cards


  • Patent Granted by USA on 6th May 1997 Number 5627357
  • Patent Granted by China 10 Jan 1998 Number ZL 95 1 08048.2
  • Patent Granted by UK July 1998 No. GB2290897B
  • Patent Granted by Republic of South Africa Oct. 1998 No.98/125

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