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About MaCaPS

MaCaPS Inc. specializes in providing physical security related products and design solutions tailored to customer requirements. It takes pride in soup to nuts customer services and impeccable turn around time of matched hardware and software to customer solutions.  Its extensive experience in data storage renders staged solutions to business continuity, regulatory compliance and information life cycle management across various industries, such as security monitoring, health care imaging as well as data archiving and retival.  Among products of Access Control, Remote Monitoring, Smart Card and Data Storage Systems serve many prestigious national laboratories and private enterprise.

Applicable solutions shown as follows:

Physical Access
Campus, single building, parking lot
Entrances, lobbies, offices, computer rooms, vaults
Buses, planes, trains, ships, subways
Logical Access
LAN, WAN, signed and encrypted email, secure transacations
Shared working documents, employee handbook, newsletters
Payroll, trade secrets, human resource files
Driver's license
Travel/border crossing
Electronic benefits
Law Enforcement
Criminal records
Immigration status
User/document authenticity confirmation
Identification in time of death

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