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Club House Facilities Booking System

Facilities booking system adopted smart card technology to provide automation-booking function. This system can be used in conjunction with the Club House Management System that allows members to check the facilities in the terminal and through Internet. After selecting the appropriate facilities, they can use their smart card to pay for the booking. The booking system will link-up with the Internet based Access Control System to provide control of facility area usage. Unauthorized people will be blocked for using the facilities. Using this system, you can simplify the management of facilities and can monitor the user activities in real-time. This system also provides remote control of the booking areas and allow statistical analysis of facility usages. It composes of Database Server for Database handle & Internet Services; Credit Terminal for Credit Payment, Receive Printing, Booking Feasibility, Reserve booking area & Reporting, POS Terminal for Check the facilities, Booking Facilities, Payment by smart card & Receive Printing; and Internet Booking for facilities checking.

Event Server

  • Support 23,000 Users
  • Support 23,000 Transactions
  • Support 8 Door Controllers
  • Local & Distributed intelligent
  • Real Time Clock
  • 3 year battery Backup for transaction and clock

Door Controller

  • Door Release
  • Intruder Alarm
  • Readers In/Out
  • RS485 for long distance wiring
  • Support Octopus, Proximity and Smart Card readers


  • Support 64 Event Servers
  • Group Access Control
  • Time Zone Setting
  • Real Time Transaction Display
  • Broadcasting Function
  • Remote Monitoring
  • In/Out Transaction Report
  • Remote door control
  • Usage statistic reporting
Event Server

Gate Controller

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